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Cocker fest


Saturday 7th July

Cocker fest in an anual festival held in somerset. the festival supports st Marrgets hospital

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My name is Jack Baker, I am (mostly) an indie-rock singer songwriter. I have been heavily influenced by bands such as Catfish and the bottlemen, oasis and other artists alike. I live in Culmstock- a small village situated in Devon. I perform regularly from charity/pub gigs to some small festivals. I’m “keen as anything” and have worked hard to get a reputation for myself; this is how I get lots of gigs through word of mouth which is brilliant. A personal high for me was when an organiser of a festival said “what you’ve got is great, never lose your flare.” I have never forgot this and I never will.


Currently I am not in a band but am trying to get that changed. In the meantime however, I have been writing a range of different music on day-to-day life; from people who get on my nerves to political rants. This is why I like to thing I am quite a diverse artist. I have finished lots of tracks and would love to release them but I believe that with a band behind me the music would be more successful and more my style.

A gig in which I really enjoyed playing was at Devon Dubfest. I remember the nerves I had before the gig- anticipating how it would go. Feeling scared and exited at the same time is a feeling I get before most gigs and I never want to lose that. On this specific gig a sound technician thought that I was very talented. He said I was (swearword) awesome. That was not all, he then referred me to a recording studio explaining what talent I’ve got. I was allowed to record content in there which was super helpful and I’m extremely grateful to the technichean and the recording studio owner for nurturing me and helping me on the way. I have grown a close relationship with the technician and we often work together and help each other out when possible.


I will always be playing/creating music. I hope to release lots of music and for people to enjoy and relate to.

“Jacks hunger never ceases to amaze me, it’s a lesson we can all learn from.”